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Maltese Community Council of NSW

Hansard ID: HANSARD-1323879322-139289

Hansard session: Fifty-Eighth Parliament, First Session (58-1)

Maltese Community Council of NSW

Mr MARK COURE (Oatley) (20:24:15):

I recognise the Maltese Community Council of NSW, a fantastic cultural organisation that does wonderful work throughout the State. I was made patron this year, after being nominated at its annual general meeting. The Maltese community is vibrant and active in New South Wales, so this nomination means a great deal to me. We are so privileged to live in a multicultural, multifaith society where all are welcome, no matter their background or heritage. I say it time and again in this place, but in New South Wales our diversity truly is our strength. The Maltese Community Council of NSW works hard by discussing issues impacting the Maltese community of New South Wales and then working together to find solutions. I thank the president, Miriam, vice-president Antione and treasurer Michael Zammit—the entire team—for their continued efforts. I am committed to supporting their efforts in promoting Maltese culture, heritage and community engagement for future generations to enjoy. Together, I look forward to building a more inclusive and harmonious society for all.