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AFL Auskick Gala Day

Hansard ID: HANSARD-1323879322-127561

Hansard session: Fifty-Seventh Parliament, First Session (57-1)

AFL Auskick Gala Day

Mr MARK COURE (OatleyMinister for Multiculturalism, and Minister for Seniors)

——Speaker, grassroots sport is so important to me and my community and so, I would like to recognise Auskick for hosting an AFL Gala Day in my community, encouraging local kids to get involved in this wonderful sport. On the 14th of August, several local AFL clubs within the community came out to play off at Old's Park in Penshurst. It was so great to see all the little Auskickers out and about with their mates, kicking goals and most importantly, having fun. I even had a kick around with the ball. Getting kids out of the house, being active and social, is in my opinion, the most important aspect of grassroots sport. It creates lifelong bonds and often allows children to discover a new talent. I'm sure almost all of the best sports stars in New South Wales would have gotten their start participating in community sport. I'd like to thank Anthony Brooks for inviting me to attend as well as the AFL NSW staff who looked after the kids. I look forward to many more Auskick Gala Days.