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SPEECH: Griffith Mulitcultural Festival and Parade

It is wonderful to be in Griffith for this amazing multicultural festival!

Nothing is better than gathering together in celebration of our great multicultural society here in NSW.

I’m proud that the NSW Government has supported today’s fun with a Stronger Together grant.

Today’s variety of entertainment proves that we are, indeed, stronger together.

By providing a means for our multicultural groups to express their cultural identities, we continue to promote social collaboration and community harmony.

All our communities should be encouraged to explore and express what makes their culture and identity special.

Because our different viewpoints offer us another perspective of life in Australia, which has given so many migrants a brighter future.

Taking pride in this uniqueness fosters unity and a sense of belonging for us all.

In turn, this inclusion provides a strong foundation for understanding the cultural diversity that exists in the wider world.

It valuably promotes cross-cultural understanding.

And helps to showcase the richness of our multicultural society.

Because the success of a state can only be achieved when it includes everyone from all walks of life.

During my time as Minister for Multiculturalism, I have been privileged to meet many community members across the state – all hard-working volunteers whose mission in life is to give back.

I’d like to thank each and every one of you for volunteering your time and skills to make this amazing festival reflect the true spirit of Griffith.

Our grassroots groups do incredible work in our community.

And everyone taking part today has worked so hard on your music, dance, art and costumes.

My job is to make sure that our diverse communities are at the heart of our government policies and programs.

We are one of the most diverse states in the world, and our cultural, religious and linguistic diversity continues to grow.

However, our diversity is not contained within the postcodes of our major metropolitan areas, or within Sydney for that matter.

Our diversity extends right across our state.

Now, traditionally, those seeking to embrace the hopes and opportunities afforded by our multicultural society have settled in Sydney, but we know that regional areas offer much more than just a new home.

This is primarily because those that come to NSW aren’t aware of the opportunities that are available to them in other parts of our state.

That is why the NSW Government has recently launched the NSW GROW program.

It is about providing a gateway for new migrants and refugees to find those opportunities in regional communities, and specifically, the Murray and Riverina regions.

Although this is more than just helping people find a new place to live.

It is about helping connect them with new employment opportunities, access important services and connect with their new community.

This region has a long history of opening its arms up to people from all walks of life.

Because you realise that new people can strengthen your community and help your economy flourish.

It is my goal to see this program succeed.

Succeed so that when people come to Australia and in particular NSW to start a new life, they see opportunities for themselves everywhere.

However, it is the partnership between government and community that is a vital pillar in our state’s success as a thriving multicultural state.

The NSW Government acknowledges the valuable contributions by community leaders – and Carmel in particular – in building bridges of understanding between our communities.

I am sincerely thankful for your dedicated service and community spirit.

Thank you for the chance to join Griffith during such a wonderful spring festival to celebrate our amazing harmonious spirit and diversity.

On behalf of the NSW Government, I wish you a happy and safe Multicultural Festival of Griffith.