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Modernising Education in the St George Area

New reforms to Government, Independent and Catholic Schools across the St George area and broader NSW are set to pave the way for an innovative and modern education system in the State, improving the wellbeing of both staff and students.

Recently announced initiatives will have a key focus on supporting student’s mental health, improving behavioural standards across the board and incentivising teaching practises that go above and beyond for students.

Member for Oatley, Mark Coure, today welcomed these new standards, which are set to bring about extensive long-term change to the NSW education system.

“Our area has access to some of the finest and most well-resourced schools throughout New South Wales. Not only is it important that we continue to support our local students, but also our wonderful teachers who continue to prepare our children for the future,” Mr Coure said.

“We are modelling these new initiatives on some of the best-practices of schools throughout the world, including Washington D.C. and Singapore. I look forward to seeing both students and teachers benefiting from these industry-wide revisions.”

The three key initiatives include:

  • Improving Respect and Behaviour in Schools – Introducing a ‘NSW Chief Behavioural Advisor’ role. More than doubling the number of Behaviour Specialists at NSW Schools from 70 to 200. Rewarding students who show high behavioural standards through new Premier’s Respect Award.
  • Social and Emotional Support for Primary School Students – The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute will conduct research and propose a suite of new social and wellbeing initiatives for students. Set to be completed in February 2023.
  • Rewarding Excellence in Teaching Program – Aims to create a more attractive career path for classroom teachers, while raising the status of the profession. Leverages the skills of highly effective teachers to strengthen teaching practice across the public education system.

Whilst most strategies are still in the planning stage, consultation with industry leaders and school staff will ensure a smooth implementation of reforms over the next few years.