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Coure wins in the fight against Riverwood Housing Plan

After many years of advocacy and opposition from local Riverwood residents, the Land and Housing Corporation will not be pursuing the redevelopment of the Riverwood estate due to inadequate traffic and road infrastructure.

Member for Oatley, Mark Coure said that the Riverwood Housing Plan was completely inappropriate for our community and welcomed the news.

“It is fantastic news that the Riverwood Housing Plan has been killed off by the Land and Housing Corporation, locals have been waiting for this news for a long time and I am thrilled with the outcome.” Mr Coure said.

“Traffic and congestion along Belmore Road is already terrible and to add in so many additional residents was a ridiculous proposal.”

“We do not need 20 storeys in Riverwood and after door knocking in the local area it was crystal clear to me that local residents are vehemently opposed to this plan.”

“The proposed Riverwood development is not going ahead in its current form and I will not stop fighting until the community gets the right outcome, which is renewing Riverwood in a way which compliments our local area rather than ruining it.”

“I am happy that the Minister for Planning and Homes and the Land and Housing Corporation has listened to the community’s concerns and acted in their best-interests.”

“I want to thank everyone who signed my petition against this proposal and say to them that I will always fight for our community and will always be on the side of local residents, who know best what our local area needs.”