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Coure calls on Labor to come clean regarding Riverwood Housing Plan

Member for Oatley has resumed his calls for any proposed redevelopment of Riverwood to not go ahead unless it fits with the character of the community, and the surrounding infrastructure receive the necessary upgrades to manage any increase in population.

This week, it was revealed that Riverwood Estate was one of 11 that the NSW Labor Government has prioritized for state-led rezoning.

This comes after the Land and Housing Corporation already announced at the beginning of this year that it would not be pursuing the redevelopment of the Riverwood estate in its current form due to inadequate traffic and road infrastructure.

Comprising of over 4000 additional dwellings and without significant upgrades to rail, roads, parks & bridges, the plan was not appropriate for Riverwood.

Mr Coure said that the NSW Labor Government need to come clean on what adding the Riverwood Estate onto their re-zoning list will mean for the community.

“The Riverwood Housing Plan in its previous form was completely inappropriate for our community. The Land and Housing Corporation and the former NSW Liberal Government recognised this and sent the plan back to the drawing board,” Mr Coure said.

“If the NSW Labor Government has plans to redevelop Riverwood, they need to seriously investigate renewing the area in a way which complements our local area rather than ruining it.”

“I have written to the Minister for Housing, the Hon. Rose Jackson MLC on this issue and trust the Minister will see why this plan was sent back to the drawing board earlier this year.”

“Our community are already experiencing issues around congestion and safety along Belmore Road and Hannans Road, which are already at capacity. Where are Labor’s plans to fix issues like this first, before adding additional residents to the area?”

“Addressing housing targets and shortages need to be about more than re-zoning land. The Government needs to be focused on creating places and communities that current and future generations can enjoy, with local amenities, services and infrastructure that meet people’s needs and expectations.”