2022 March: E-newsletter

17 March 2022

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2022 February: E-Newsletter

03 March 2022

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2022 January: E-Newsletter

30 January 2022

Latest COVID-19 Restrictions. The NSW Government is taking precautionary steps to maintain its safe and measured approach to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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2021 December: E-Newsletter

31 December 2021

Further COVID-19 Restrictions Eased. NSW has now moved to the next stage of our reopening roadmap with further eased restrictions now in place across the State.

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2021 November: E-Newsletter

30 November 2021

More funding for local organisations. Thanks to the 2021 Community building Partnership Grant program, a total of $400,000 is being invested into 15 local community groups across the St George area.

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2021 October: E-Newsletter

31 October 2021

This week we have seen a number of restrictions ease throughout the State as well as the removal of our classification as an LGA of concern.

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2021 September: E-Newsletter

30 September 2021

I want to start by thanking everyone across the Georges River community for following the health advice, getting tested when necessary and for booking their vaccinations.

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2021 August: E-Newsletter

30 August 2021

With case numbers remaining high across Greater Sydney, it is still so important that anyone with even the most mild of symptoms comes forward for testing.

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2021 July: E-Newsletter

30 July 2021

For the NSW Government, the decision to impose a lockdown is not taken lightly. While the current health restrictions are necessary to keep us safe, the impact is immeasura

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