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St George residents benefit from Seniors Card deals

Senior citizens from across the St George area are benefitting from targeted cost of living savings, including energy discounts, as part of the NSW Seniors Card program.

Member for Oatley, Mark Coure, said these exclusive deals represent the importance and value of industry partnerships in providing for the community.

“These partnerships allow our seniors to save more of what they earn and to keep more of their hard earned money in their pockets,” Mr Coure said.

“Whether you are here in the St George area or out in rural NSW, all of our seniors have equal access to this initiative as we acknowledge the invaluable contributions that these seniors continue to make to our society.”

Minister for Seniors, Natalie Ward, said an exclusive deal with EnergyAustralia will help ensure seniors have more money left over for doing the things they love.

“NSW Seniors Card and NSW Senior Savers Card members who sign up for EnergyAustralia’s ‘Total Plan’, receive 27 per cent off electricity, 25 per cent off gas and up to a $100 energy credit,” Minister Ward said.

“Saving on basic living costs leaves more in the wallet for things that stave off social isolation, such as catching the train to see friends, groceries for a family dinner or buying a four-legged companion.”

Residential Executive of EnergyAustralia, Mark Brownfield, said seniors can also call for a free ‘Energy Health Check’.

“We will review your current energy bills to ensure you are getting a fair price and see if you will be better off with our exclusive offer,” Mr Brownfield said.

“The EnergyAustralia savings are just one example of a private enterprise working with the Government to provide positive outcomes for the local community,” Mr Coure said.

EnergyAustralia is among more than 7500 NSW businesses offering deals for seniors. Other offers include half-price RSPCA senior pet adoptions, 50 per cent off metro to regional NSW TrainLink fares and five per cent off IGA gift cards.

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