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Rebates for Seniors

There are over 70 rebates available on the Service NSW website aimed to assist NSW residents, including seniors, with reducing cost of living expenses.

Seniors receiving a pension may be eligible for up to 67 rebates provided they meet the specific eligibility criteria.

Additionally, seniors classified as self-funded retirees can access up to 39 rebates.

Some of the rebates include:

Free driving test for pensioners, Free mobility parking scheme permit for pensioners, Free riding skills test for pensioners, Pensioner concessions on vehicle registrations, Pensioner free NSW driving licence renewal, Pensioner water rebate, Seniors energy rebate, Pensioner concession Opal card, Pensioner travel vouchers, Regional Seniors travel card, Free NSW photo card for pensioners, Pensioner Power of Attorney, Pensioner Will preparation service


Service NSW are also able to provide advice on retirement, e-toll concessions, the NSW Spectacles program and the Seniors National Parks and Wildlife Service Pass.

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