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Mortdale Needs More Parking

Mortdale is a popular local shopping centre and with the recent decision by Georges River Council to increase density it is crucial that we invest in infrastructure upgrades which will cater to the community's needs and meet their demands.

That's why I am calling on Georges River Council and the NSW Government to invest in providing more commuter and customer parking in Mortdale!

As many local residents already know, parking in Mortdale can be a struggle during peak times and it is imperative that a bustling and vibrant local shopping district like Mortdale has an adequate number of parking spaces to cater for customers and train commuters alike. Businesses want more customers, but they also know that more customers need more parking, and with more people catching the train, commuters need a safe, secure and accessible place to park their car.

However, Georges River Council doesn't seem to understand this logic and have instead taken away parking spaces from Mortdale as part of their recent streetscape works, making a bad situation worse. With a proposed increase in Mortdale's population, Council and the NSW Government need to invest in more parking for Mortdale.

This means undertaking a comprehensive traffic study, something I have been calling for, for some time now, to ascertain what Mortdale needs to meet its parking demands.

I will continue fighting for local residents to ensure that Mortdale gets the parking it deserves!