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Georges River Council Responds to Asbestos Concerns

Last month in response to city-wide concerns regarding the potential contamination of local parks with mulch containing asbestos, I wrote to Georges River Council to receive assurances that our local parks and greens spaces were safe for local families and children.

Council has since responded and assured me that they are taking this issue very seriously.

Council has advised me that they self-generate the majority of mulch that is used across local parks and open spaces. When they do externally source mulch they only use certified mulch in accordance with the NSW EPA Mulch Order 2016, and have also assured me that they have NOT purchased any materials from the supplier associated with the contaminated mulch.

I thank Council for promptly confirming to our community that our parks and opens spaces are not party to the contaminated mulch seen across many locations in other LGAs.

Furthermore, I want to encourage any residents or businesses who might be concerned about contamination in the mulch they have received or sold to contact the EPA Environment Line on 131 555 or email