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Campaigning for Safer Local Roads

I am continuing to advocate on behalf of local residents in Mortdale in regards to the installation of a roundabout on Roberts Avenue, to allow residents better access to and from their homes.

Residents who live in Mortdale in the area known locally as ‘Mortdale Heights’ or the ‘B’ Streets, find safe access to and from their homes increasingly difficult due to the large number of vehicles that use Roberts Avenue.

After many conversations whilst doorknocking and street meetings with local residents, it is clear that the community wants to see concrete measures introduced to alleviate congestion and increase safety. That's why I have written to the Minister for Roads, the Hon. John Graham MLC, requesting that funding be provided to Georges River Council for the installation of a roundabout.

Georges River Council have also submitted a funding application for the construction of a roundabout on Roberts Avenue to the NSW Government.

The installation of a roundabout will give residents safer and convenient access to Roberts Avenue. It will also improve overall traffic flow, leading to lower waiting times to enter Roberts Avenue going in either direction.

I will keep up the fight to ensure our local roads are as safe and efficient as they can be!