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Community Language Teaching Program Ceremony

Hansard ID: HANSARD-1323879322-124296

Hansard session: Fifty-Seventh Parliament, First Session (57-1)

Community Language Teaching Program Ceremony

Mr MARK COURE (OatleyMinister for Multiculturalism, and Minister for Seniors)

——Speaker, I rise today to acknowledge the fantastic work of the participants who completed the 60 Hour Community Language Teaching Program. The Community Languages Teaching Program is a professional learning program for teachers working in NSW Government-funded community language schools. It is designed to help teachers understand how children learn and develop languages. It also develops strategies to engage and interest students in maintaining and extending their language and culture abilities. The program provides helpful teaching resources which enables students to participate in a number of activities to improve their ability to retain important language skills. 185 teachers have successfully completed the program which is a fantastic achievement and a great boost to the language faculties in schools right across New South Wales. I would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the Community Language Teaching Program and thank Ken Cruickshank for his excellent work to run such a worthwhile program.