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Jubilee Community Services

Hansard ID: HANSARD-1323879322-123134

Hansard session: Fifty-Seventh Parliament, First Session (57-1)

Jubilee Community Services

Mr MARK COURE (OatleyMinister for Multiculturalism, and Minister for Seniors) (18:27:39):

— Tonight I congratulate Jubilee Community Services [JCS], which is celebrating or had celebrated its fiftieth year of operations. Last year I had the pleasure of attending the celebrations held at the Jubilee Community Centre for this magnificent occasion. It was such a pleasure to meet the staff and the volunteers at JCS as well as community members who benefit from their incredible work. Fifty years of service is an incredible milestone for any community organisation, especially one that has contributed so much to make a difference within our local community. Jubilee Community Services commenced operations on 5 October 1971 and for over 50 years has developed a fantastic reputation for providing quality affordable services to those who need it most.

JCS is well regarded for its top-notch support for elderly residents living with dementia, people with learning disabilities and those who require support with English. Jubilee Community Services also provides adult leisure learning classes, an after-school care group and mental health services to some of the most vulnerable members of the community. These are particularly tailored to meet the immediate needs of the community and these efforts certainly do not go unnoticed. I have had multiple emails and calls to my electorate office praising the fantastic work that JCS does each and every year. I commend the staff and the volunteers working at JCS. Their contribution and commitment to go above and beyond is truly special.

It is the hard work of community leaders such as those at Jubilee Community Services that continues to uphold its reputation in such a high regard. This reputation and commitment have been retained over 50 years and local residents have relied on JCS to get through some of the toughest times. The COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years has been an unprecedented challenge, especially for community groups who rely on face-to-face interactions with the people they assist to continue to deliver their services. The hardworking staff at Jubilee Community Services have taken this challenge head on with high spirits and tenacity. They consistently provide and adapt their service delivery to an array of ever-changing COVID restrictions. I personally thank and congratulate them on keeping our community safe during these times.

It has been no easy feat for all of us to get us to the other side of the last lockdown. Our enormous vaccination drive has been amongst the largest in the world and has allowed us to get back to what we love doing much sooner. As a COVID-safe organisation, Jubilee Community Services was able to get back to visiting, shopping and participating in social activities with the elderly, fundraising for their organisation and assisting in face-to-face learning within their classes. This was facilitated with the help of over 70 volunteers who donate their time and efforts to ensure services are run efficiently and meet the needs of the community. This fantastic work is administered by a community-based volunteer management board chaired by Marion Smith. Marion has done an outstanding job over many, many years as a member of the board and as chair.

I truly believe that organisations like Jubilee Community Services are the backbone of our local community. I am so proud to have an organisation of such a high calibre operating within my electorate. The St George area as a whole is better off because of the fantastic work organisations like JCS do. I once again congratulate Jubilee Community Services on an incredible 50 years of service to our community. I send my thanks to all past and present volunteers who have contributed over the years. I look forward to Jubilee's seventy‑fifth and 100th anniversaries, which I am sure are to come.