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Special Olympics Flinders

Hansard ID: HANSARD-1323879322-122636

Hansard session: Fifty-Seventh Parliament, First Session (57-1)

Special Olympics Flinders

Mr MARK COURE (OatleyMinister for Multiculturalism, and Minister for Seniors)

——Speaker, I rise to congratulate the Special Olympics Flinders organisation on receiving $7500 as part of the ATP Cup Legacy Fund. The ATP Cup Legacy Fund aims to boost local involvement in tennis following the ATP Cup in 2020 and is a joint partnership between the NSW Government and Tennis NSW. Based in Riverwood, Special Olympics Flinders is an organisation which aims to promote inclusion for individuals with disability across our local sporting community. I was lucky enough to head over to a tennis training session with the organisation to see the amazing work that they are doing first hand whilst also handing over this important funding. This funding will facilitate the development of a grassroots tennis development project which will increase community involvement and provide access to more individuals across the St George area. I want to thank Chair Natalie Johnston, Vice Chair William Russell and the entire team for continuing to remove barriers to sport for individuals with disability. I look forward to continuing to work with Special Olympics Flinders well into the future.