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Lugarno Pharmacist Advice Pharmacy

Hansard ID: HANSARD-1323879322-116920

Hansard session: Fifty-Seventh Parliament, First Session (57-1)

Lugarno Pharmacist Advice Pharmacy

Mr MARK COURE (Oatley) (19:05:47):

I acknowledge an outstanding local business that has been a pillar of our community for the past 50 years. The Lugarno Pharmacist Advice Pharmacy features some of the best medical professionals found anywhere across New South Wales. Its impeccable service is held in the highest regard by all in our community. Lugarno Pharmacy offers several specialised services to customers, including blood pressure and blood glucose level monitoring, as well as cholesterol checks. This is what makes its service so unique and its advice so precise. The team is always gathering as much information as possible, with world‑class equipment.

The pharmacy's service during the recent COVID-19 pandemic is particularly impressive because it played such an important role in supporting our local community. Its home delivery service, Webster-pak service and home medication reviews allow elderly and vulnerable individuals to access medical care without leaving home. Given the difficulty of the past 12 months, I strongly believe these efforts have been so important in ensuring that these vulnerable individuals in our community could stay at home and prevent the risk of community transmission. The pharmacy also provides medication and disease counselling as well as educational advice on medication consumption. These are just more ways to ensure that the team is providing the best possible health advice and person‑centred care for each and every client.

I make special mention of Warren Del-Grande, who is the owner and leading pharmacist, whose passion for health and wellbeing is second to none. He is a devoted individual and a community-minded person, who is always there for others and always up for a challenge. The pharmacy supports a number of local community groups including the Lugarno Football Club, the Lions Club of Lugarno and St George Touch Association. It also regularly sponsors organisations including Cancer Council and Jeans for Genes Day. This commitment shows dedication to the community in ensuring that no individual, regardless of their circumstances, is left behind.

It is for these reasons that the Lugarno Pharmacist Advice Pharmacy was honoured with the Professional Services Champion Award as part of the 2020 Pharmacist Advice Awards. This is such an outstanding achievement and it is a thoroughly deserved award. This award was given for the pharmacy's ability to adapt and incorporate new technology, its commitment to clients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and its educational services. Only one of these awards was received throughout Australia and I am so proud that it rests in the hands of none other than one of our best and brightest local businesses.

You might be wondering what makes them a "Pharmacist Advice Pharmacy" and the answer is, really, everything that it does. Its consultancy style expresses that the pharmacy works with the needs of individual clients to provide the best possible outcomes. It also focuses on providing a detailed understanding of a client's health and wellbeing so that it can provide an accurate means of treatment. The Lugarno Pharmacy is more than just a medical service; it is an integral part of our local community and has been there for multiple generations of local residents. The entire community of Lugarno and the broader St George region is thankful for everything that Warren and the team do not only to keep us safe but to ensure that we are always at our best.

I have no doubt that the Lugarno Pharmacist Advice Pharmacy will go on to provide many more years of service to the local area. Given the team that it has and the motivation they share, I know that we will hear many more success stories in the future. Well done to Warren and the entire team at the Lugarno Pharmacist Advice Pharmacy for everything that they have achieved over the past 50 years. I wish them all the best and I hope that they continue to share their passion for health and wellbeing in our community.