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Reducing Litter Across The Georges River

The St George community will be cleaner thanks to a $60,000 funding injection to develop the Georges River Catchment Litter Prevention Strategy.

Member for Oatley, Mark Coure, said this project was part of a $1.8 million investment by the NSW Government to target litter prevention across the State.

“This investment will allow Georges Riverkeeper to work with stakeholder groups to create a litter prevention strategy across the local area,” Mr Coure said.

“The Georges River is the centrepiece of our community and by reducing the impacts of litter across the river network, we can ensure that it is preserved for generations to come.”

“By developing the Georges River Catchment Litter Prevention Strategy, we will be able to target and address the unique and diverse needs ofour local waterway network to reduce the impacts of litter on our local environment.”

Minister for Environment, James Griffin, said 35 litter prevention projects are being funded across the State as part of the Litter Prevention Grants Program.

“Litter can have dire consequences for animals and the environment. We know that 95 per cent of the litter on beaches comes from our streets, after travelling down drains and through the stormwater system,” Minister Griffin said.

“This litter reduction program is part of the Waste Less Recycle More initiative that has already achieved a 43 per cent reduction in litter statewide since it started in 2013.”

“This year’s grants will build on recent successes with projects such as solar smart bins, cigarette butt litter bins, ‘swap and go takeaway’ container schemes and a range of awareness campaigns.”

The Litter Prevention Grants Program supports litter targets in the next phase of the NSW Government’s Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2041, which includes targets to reduce plastic litter by 30 per cent by 2025 and 60 per cent of all litter items by 2030.

“By reducing litter across the State, we are safeguarding the environment and our future,” Mr Coure said.

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