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NSW Government to support pay increases in the Public Sector and recognises Health Workers

As a part of the NSW Government’s 2022-23 Budget, a new public sector wages policy has been announced, set to benefit local nurses, teachers and paramedics.

The two-year policy will see a 3% per annum increase in 2022-2024. A further 0.5% increase is also on offer 2023-24 for employees that make a substantial contribution to productivity outcomes.

Member for Oatley, Mark Coure, welcomed the announcement as an important step in supporting our hardworking Public Servants, who continue to provide vital services to our community.

“Increases of up to 6.5% over two years are on offer, which is some of the highest public sector wage growth that the country has seen. This will allow public servants to continue to support the local community,” Mr Coure said.

“A one-off, $3000 payment will also be provided to Health Service employees in NSW. This is to recognise their fantastic work on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Premier, Dominic Perrottet, announced the new wages policy which continues the NSW Government’s record of strengthening frontline services.

“A strong public service is essential to delivering what matters to make daily life better,” Mr Perrottet said.

“Our sound economic management allows us to invest in our people through higher wages and more frontline workers and continue to deliver the best services in the country and a brighter economic future for the people of NSW.”

Treasurer Matt Kean said the increase in wages was fair and sustainable in the current economic climate.

“NSW is currently enjoying the lowest unemployment on record and it is important to maintain competitive wages to attract and retain the best talent. In the context of a

strong and growing economy this two-year increase to wages is an affordable and sensible policy,” Treasurer Kean said.

The Government’s position is to limit executive remuneration increases to 2.0 per cent in the next year.