what's happening / news / New $750 Toll Rebate to ease Cost of Living Pressures for Locals

New $750 Toll Rebate to ease Cost of Living Pressures for Locals

Drivers around the St George area will soon benefit from a new Toll rebate, announced as a part of the NSW Government’s 2022-23 Budget.

Around half a million NSW motorists will receive cash rebates paid quarterly into their bank accounts under the NSW Government’s Toll Rebate Scheme, with Member for Oatley, Mark Coure, welcoming the cost-of-living relief as an important measure to support local families.

“This rebate scheme ensures that costs associated with major roads like the M5 or M8 are eased for local drivers, helping motorists to save money as they travel around our city,” Mr Coure said.

“Cost of living pressures is one of the number one issues facing local residents. This scheme will go a long way in helping the household budget.”

Premier, Dominic Perrottet said, the new scheme would see more NSW motorists benefit from targeted payments compared with the existing Registration Relief Scheme.

“This new program will provide more relief, more often to more motorists. The number of road users receiving toll relief will more than double. Almost 300,000 extra drivers will benefit,” Premier Perrottet said.

“Our strong economy means we can ease cost of living pressures by ensuring there will be many more drivers eligible for relief especially in areas across western, northwestern and southwestern Sydney.”

Under the new relief package, motorists will receive a 40 per cent rebate for tolls incurred once they spend more than $375 in a year. The maximum annual benefit for each customer will be $750.

For tolls incurred up to 30 June 2022, road users can continue to receive vehicle registration relief until 30 June 2023. For tolls incurred from 1 July 2022, customers can access the new program and will receive their first rebate payment in early 2023, followed by quarterly payments.

The program will be in place for an initial two-year period, while the government finalises and implements long term tolling reforms.