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Mark Coure Welcomes Medical Interns to St George Hospital

Mr Mark Coure today welcomed 43 medical graduates who are commencing their one-year internship at St George Hospital.

Mr Coure visited the hospital to meet the medical graduates during their orientation.

There are 983 medical intern places in NSW in 2016, which is a record.

“It’s a privilege to be at St George Hospital today to meet you at the beginning of your journey as doctors,” Mr Coure said.

“The first day of an internship is a key milestone in the life of every young doctor and I can only imagine how excited you must be.

“We are fortunate you are starting your internship at St George Hospital. I wish you well during your time here and hope you can enjoy the many riches our local community has to offer.”

NSW is the only state to offer two-year employment contracts to medical graduates commencing their internship.

Over these two years, the junior doctor rotates through a network which includes metropolitan, rural and regional hospitals. This exposes them to a range of clinical scenarios at the outset of their training and supports them to complete their compulsory internship rotations in medicine, surgery and emergency.

Having gained general registration, the interns continue their second year of networked training as residents.

NSW’s unique Rural Preferential Recruitment Scheme will enable 115 medical graduates to spend the majority of their first two years working in a rural setting.