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Local Golf Courses under threat

Member for Oatley, Mark Coure, has joined with calls from local golfers to protect Hurstville and Beverly Park golf courses from any attempts by Georges River Council or the NSW Government to reduce or downgrade them.

Hurstville and Beverly Park Golf Clubs were recently informed via email of a meeting of the Georges River Council Sport Advisory Committee that took place in November 2023 in which the impacts on local golf courses of Georges River Community Infrastructure Needs Assessment and Acquisition Area Strategy was discussed.

Local clubs are particularly alarmed by discussions of the committee relating to the reclamation of golf course back for active open space, of which Hurstville and Beverly Park golf courses are specifically named.

“Our local golf courses are vital community assets for the hundreds of local recreational golfers and the many golfers who come to our area to use these fantastic courses and facilities.” Mr Coure said.

“The courses and the clubs foster a unique sense of community identity and provide important outlets for mental and physical health, and their loss would be a significant blow to the community.”

“What we are concerned about is that these changes will become a backdoor for future development of these courses and more reclamation of our precious local green spaces.”


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